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  • Posts

    • Yeah that would be awesome! Please implement!
    • I love necromancers. They are awesome. Adding a lich element to their development or abilities would be extra cool. I bought the game for the potential to play a necromancer.
    • When i first played the game I found it very hard and confusing, but now that I've got the hang of it, I'm doing fine. This is without access to gear and the not yet implemented Cataclysm skill. That makes me wonder, if the game could get too easy with access to these things. Will there be difficulty settings? Does people want this? There seems to be a trend towards 'hard' games. But not everybody has the skill or time or inclinatation or find it fun to be punished by a game. This can be solved by different difficulties. It would also add to the replayability value.
    • I agree in the post of party formation. I think things are unclear as described. but i'm also in doubt about who is actually in the frontline and who isn't.. I'm pretty sure I have the fighter and the cleric in front, but the game could be more clear about it.
    • As of 2/20/18, the mouse no longer allows you to rotate your camera.  I tried in different levels, and resulted in the same - can move forward and back, use abilities, but cannot rotate the camera around.